We started in the Living room of Joel Kirby, our CEO’s home, back in 2018.

Joel was an insurance consultant, who first started work at an insurance intermediary, in Andover. After working at Barrett House, Joel left and did some insurance referrals, and received commissions from referrals. This was a side hustle from his other business, running The Southampton Arms and The Globe, 2 pubs based in Andover.

Tired of referring businesses and not being in control of customer service, Joel set up ‘Monopoly Insurance’.

Originally it was running from the living room, but work picked up quickly, with lots of hard work by Joel and his now co-worker, they moved into a venue on Walworth industrial estate.

This gave them a base, but it was soon outgrown, and in 2020 they were on the move to Wolversdene Close.

Monopoly now has 10 members of staff and Joel has now acquired Barrett House, a personal conquest, as 10 years beforehand when he started in the world of insurance, he promised to one day own the very building he began his journey.

Monopoly Insurance focuses on Business insurance and prides itself on the service they provide.

The Beginning Of Monopolising

Business customers are usually great at what they do, however, business customers cant do it all!

Monopolising have partnered up with highly skilled, reputable companies to make sure that every business who needs support, will get it.

Whether it saving money or making money, we are confident that we have a solution to help make your business more profitable.

Monopolising Team:

A strong team with years of experience

Joel Kirby


The big cheese himself, Mr Joel Kirby. Owner of Monopoly Insurance and Monopolising.co.uk

Adam Phillips

Head of Operations

”Show Me The Money” author AKA ”The Money Guy”, Adam is also the Great Britain Jujitsu director!

Chris House

Head of Communications

Chris is one of the most experienced telecom directors in the country, with years of experience to his name.