Getting Your Commercial Energy Quote – just got easier!

Getting Your Commercial Energy Quote – just got easier!

We are here to help make things easier for your business, more efficient, and hopefully more cost-effective too!

Energy, both Gas and Electric is unfortunately something most of us need to run our business in some way.

We now have our own exclusive quoting tool to make sure that you are quoted fairly and to ensure that we can quote as accurately as possible.

Monopolising uses live data points so that when the correct MPAN and/or MPRN numbers are used, the guesswork is taken out of the equation.

This enables us to not only quote you correctly, but it also reduces the chances of any clawbacks from energy companies or any nasty surprises because the energy company suddenly hiked their prices due to you using less than you had predicted.

If it is your first time in your premises, then we will use what the previous tenants used over the past 12 months, failing that, you can use industry-standard averages to try and make sure you get the fairest deal.

Gas and Electric, regardless of who you are with, is the same quality, so why pay more? At Monopolising, you’ll get your own dedicated account manager to help you through any difficult times or to help answer any questions you may have.

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